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Services Provided


Recruiting: A-1 WorkForce has many ways of recruiting the right people for your positions. We are in the "people business" and understand the importance of finding qualified and dependable individuals for our Clients! We also understand this has to be our #1 Concern!


Applicant Orientation: Our Representatives conduct an in depth application process and interview with each and every candidate.


Applicant Pre-Screen:

References: A minimum of two reference checks when possible

Background Checks: When requested, a National Background with results available in minutes!  Also, no fees for a Tennessee background check and Sexual Offender Registry.

Drug Screens: When requested, we will offer a pre-employment drug screen.  We offer five and seven panel. If a Client has specific panel requirements simply let us know and we will accommodate!

Testing: A-1 WorkForce has a variety of tests for many different jobs ranging from Office to Light Industrial.  In addition to test scoring, our SKILLCHECK system will identify beginner, intermediate and advanced levels based on test results.  Give us your job opening, request the testing and we’ll do the rest!


Payroll & Worker's Comp: A-1 WorkForce, Inc. complies with all Federal and State Laws with regard to Payroll taxes and Worker's Compensation! All temporary and temp to hire applicants are covered while on our payroll!


Areas of Placement


Currently, the majority of our business comes from Client Companies seeking temporary, temp to hire, and permanent personnel.


We staff for positions ranging from entry level to management for any nature of business.  Please see our Home Page for a complete listing!


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Placement Options


Temporary and/or Temp to Hire

We have quality temporary candidates who are great to fill in for your peak times, vacation absences, illnesses, maternity leaves, etc. Temporary candidates may be on assignment for any length of time you choose.


Perhaps you are looking for a long term candidate and want to "Try before you hire". A candidate works on our payroll for 13 weeks at 40 hours per week, or 520 hours, before converting to the Client Company payroll. This gives you time to evaluate the employee before hiring! With volume this time period may be adjusted.


Permanent or Direct Hire

We are confident in our ability to find the right person for you! However, if for any reason the employee terminates within 30 days from starting, we will refund your fee 100% no questions asked! Companies generally utilize this option for positions ranging 25k and up! The fee is 10% of first year projected gross earnings!



Client Companies love this! You may choose a candidate and still want to evaluate. We can put your person on our payroll at a very low rate for any length of time you choose.